Let's Play

Authors: Jeff A. Johnson, Denita Dinger

Available December 2013



Let Them Play

Authors: Jeff A. Johnson, Denita Dinger

ISBN: 978-1-60554-053-5

Available March 23, 2012


Playtime is focused, purposeful, and full of learning. As they play, children master motor development, learn language and social skills, think creatively, and make cognitive leaps. This (un)curriculum is all about fostering children's play, trusting children as capable and engaged learners, and leaving behind boxed curriculums and prescribed activities.

Filled with information on the guiding principles that make up an (un)curriculum, learning experience ideas, and suggestions for building strong emotional and engaging physical environments, Let Them Play provides support to those who believe in the learning power of play.

Age Focus: 2-6. Softbound.